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13 starts and competitions where you are already expected

Summer is close, and the new competitive season is already on its heels. How to do everything and not miss the most interesting? We have prepared for you a selection of the most important sports events for the next couple of months. We want to do everything, join.

Moscow half marathon

When : May 19
Where : From Luzhniki along the embankments of the capital
Distances : 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km

You can become a part of something bigger and take part in the largest half marathon in Russia in less than a month. Run along the central streets of the capital, enjoy the views and be inspired by the powerful support of complete strangers. For those who are not yet ready to decide on a half marathon, there are shorter distances - 5 and 10 km. Hurry up, registration will close very soon!


Elton Ultra

When : 25 -26 May
Where : Lake Elton, Volgograd region
Distances : 21 km, 84 km, 100 km, 205 km
Salt Lake Elton - a magical place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and daily worries, recover and run the distance that you can do. Don't miss the opportunity to feel the unity with nature, space and yourself. Stock up on sunscreens and go ahead!

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Triathlon competition in Sochi

When : May 31 - June 1
Where : Sochi

Celebrating the opening of the season on a grand scale. At the end of spring, a huge number of competitions and distances will be concentrated in one place. There is a sprint, and a half ironstar, and an iron lady. And that is not all. Look at the site, choose a suitable start, and we will meet at the finish.


Triathlon competitions in Kaliningrad

When : August 16-17
Where : Kaliningrad

We continue to test our capabilities in the most European city of Russia. A sprint, half, women's and children's races are prepared for you.


International squash tournament White Nights Open 2019

When : June 20-23
Where : St. Petersburg

This year men's competitions will be organized for the first time within the PSA ( Professional Squash Association ) with a prize fund of $ 5 thousand, 16 of the strongest players in the world will come to the competition. The network of participants is just being formed, but we can safely say that it will be hot on the courts.

Do not forget about amateurs. Even the most insecure players can take part in special categories.

Learn more.

Reebok Festival

When : May 25-26
Where : Kolomenskoye

The festival continues to delight and surprise. This year, for two days, the participants of the event will be waiting for even more newx sites and interesting programs. The organizers have prepared fitness zones, open-air, public talk, cycle-zone and, of course, the traditional Become Human race.

Running along the Golden Ring

In order to be at the epicenter of sports events, you don't have to live in the capital. As proof of this, the number of participants in the unique running project Run along the Golden Ring is growing every year, all starts of which take place along the tourist route Golden Ring of Russia.

The nearest of them, for which you still have time to register, are already in our selection :

  • May 1 - Tutaevsky half marathon . Available distances: from 300 m to 21.1 km, team relay from 2 people.
  • May 11 - Myshkin Half Marathon . Available distances: from 300 m to 21.1 km, team relay for 2 and 4 people.
  • May 19 - Uglich Half Marathon . Available distances: from 300 m to 21.1 km, team relay for 2 and 4 people.

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Running hearts

When : June 1
Where : Moscow
Distances : 4, 2 km, 10 km, 42.2 km

The Naked Heart Charitable Foundation together with Sberbank will hold a charity race for the fifth time in the center of Moscow and in 58 other Russian cities. You can also donate to charity remotely with Nike. For every kilometer you run with the Nike Running app, the company will donate 100 rubles to a charity fund.

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Rosa Run

When : May 2-5
Where : Rosa Khutor
Distances : 5 to 24 km, vertical kilometer

Running, fan, May - that for the fifth year in a row gathers thousands of athletes and their fans from all over our country at the mountain resort of Rosa Khutor.

The program of the fifth anniversary festival - races and a variety of activities: vertical kilometer, team quest, carnival, mountain trail, fan contests, lecture halls, battles, master classes, sporting goods fair and theme parties every day.


X-Waters Kerch Strait 2019

When : May 31 - June 2
Where : Kerch strait
Distance : 5 km

A unique swim format and an exclusive history for only 60 brave swimmers! There will be no winners or losers ... Only an exciting challenge and one main goal - to swim across the Kerch Strait.


Gran Fondo 2019

When : May 26
Where : Ruza, Ruzsky and Mozhaisky districts
Distances : 30 km, 50 km, 96 km

This is the world's most popular series of road cycling races, which unites on one track professionals and loveley of cycling.


Race of Heroes

When : April 27, June 8 and 22
Where : Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg

This extreme cross-country race is a kind of recreation for those who are used to taking everything from life. Gather a friendly team or participate in this challenging race individually.


Red Bull BC One Camp Russia 2019

When : May 31 - June 2
Where : St. Petersburg, Port Sevkabel

3-day hip-hop culture camp on the Gulf of Finland is already waiting for you. Last year's program included graffiti jams, battles and street dance master classes, action photography lessons, film screenings and, of course, parties until the morning. What the organizers have prepared this year is still a secret, but we are looking forward to it.

Grom Swim & Run

When : July 13
Where : Krylatskoe
Distances : running (5 km), swimming (1 nautical mile), Swimrun (12 km), SuperGrom (18852 m)

Grom SwimRun is a competition in which the swimming stage is replaced by the running stage several times per lap. In total, there will be 2 laps of 6 km in Krylatskoye, each lap consists of 3 swimming and 3 running stages. The total distance will be 12 km. It is up to you to try one thing or do everything at once.

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