8 Skin Habits That Make You Look Older

12 bad habits that make us look bad

Appearance largely depends on what you eat and drink - many people think. But the decisive factor in a bad condition can be the wrong sleeping position or even makeup. Let's figure out what habits can contribute to premature aging.

It's too warm at home

Dry air from a hot battery promotes increased evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, thereby accelerating the process of skin aging. A humidifier can be the solution. It saves the skin from dryness, eliminating itching and flaking. If you do not want to buy a humidifier, then a wet towel on a battery can easily become a replacement.

Duckface or drinks through a straw

Duckface is not only outdated for a long time, but can also harm your appearance mind. The thing is that with a strong squeezing of the lips around the mouth, radial wrinkles are formed, which are very difficult to get rid of. By the way, drinking through a straw has the same effect.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Sleep on your stomach

It is believed that when the face touches the pillow, it can harm the skin, provoking early aging. After sleeping, traces may even remain on it, which quickly disappear if the skin is young, but remain on mature for much longer. In older age, these marks can turn into real wrinkles. To prevent this, try retraining yourself and start sleeping on your back. Or just buy satin pillowcases that the skin will slide on.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Chewing gum

Taking care of fresh breath can become another problem for the skin. Just like drinking from a straw, chewing gum can lead to wrinkles around the mouth. Excessive chewing activity lowers the corners of the lips and forms folds. Refreshing pads are best replaced with candies.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Lots of sweets

The risk of ruining a piece is far from the only reason why giving up sugar makes sense. This product also greatly aggravates the condition of the skin, it becomes less firm and elastic. It is better to use as little sugar as possible, because it is not so difficult to replace it.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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This habit harms not only health, but also appearance. Due to smoking, skin cells are much less supplied with oxygen and other beneficial substances that enter the bloodstream. Consequently, the epidermis has far fewer resources to renew itself and stay healthy. This can lead to premature aging..

Large amounts of coffee

If you feel chronic fatigue or sleep poorly, coffee will only make the situation worse. Caffeine gives the appearance of a burst of energy by temporarily blocking the body's signals of sleepiness. You can replace your favorite drink with analogs: water with ginger and lemon, matcha tea, vegetable juices and smoothies.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Even people who eat well can hurt themselves. For example, diets in which the same foods are repeated. Proper nutrition should be varied and balanced. The best way to keep fit is to stick to eating habits all the time, rather than going on a hard detox that can trigger a breakdown.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Low Water

Water provides oxygen delivery to cells. When there is not enough water, many processes in the body are disrupted. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women consume about two liters of fluid a day, and men two and a half. It is believed that you should not drink while eating. But this is not the case. Water does not reduce gastric acid concentration.

12 bad habits that make us look bad

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Disclaimer fats

One word of fats seems to be very harmful. But do not rush to give up a very important and useful nutrient. The fatty acids found in fish and olive oil are essential for the absorption of antioxidants and other substances that are beneficial to the skin. Also, thanks to fats, it does not lose moisture, and with it a well-groomed and youthful look.

Lying reading

If you are a fan of reading at night, do it while sitting in a chair or at least half-sitting in beds. The fact is that lying down not only spoils your eyesight, which, naturally, also negatively affects your appearance - extra wrinkles and stoop appear. But in addition, the rings of Venus, hated by many, form on the neck - creases, which are quite difficult to get rid of.

Night wake

And no matter how you assure us that you are an owl for you such a regime is the norm, we will not get tired of talking about how important a good night's sleep is. It's trite because of the blue circles and bags under the eyes. But there are a number of other reasons as well. First, Californian scientists have found that sleep disturbance increases the risk of developing mental illness and ages the brain by as much as five years. And a person who sleeps less than five hours at night loses the ability to plan, make decisions, analyze and find mistakes. And secondly, lack of sleep leads to problems with being overweight. Scientists have found that sleep deprivation is a sure sign of overeating the next day. Is it worth it?

10 Bad Habits That Are Making You Look Old

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