Insomnia -sleep hygiene-11 Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

11 foods that can cause insomnia

Probably, everyone at least once counted the lambs before going to bed, looking at the ceiling, and then gave up and went on to watch the video on the Internet. But none of us thought about what affects our sleep so much. But there are products that degrade its quality. Here's a list of what you need to cut out for good sleep and work productively.

Coconut oil

- better substitute for olive oil (which contains healthy fats and is generally considered a quality product). A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that palmitic acid in coconut oil negatively affects sleep.


- black and green contain caffeine and theobromine, the latter increases the heart rate. Doctors recommend drinking decaffeinated herbal teas to avoid collisions with both stimulants.

11 foods that can cause insomnia

Tomato sauces

- contain the amino acid tyramine , which in turn can act as a trigger for the production of norepinephrine (norepinephrine), which stimulates brain activity. So, if you follow the recommendations, you will have to have a pasta party on the eve of the marathon with some other sauce.

11 foods that can cause insomnia


- the same theobromine as in tea. White chocolate, by the way, does not have it.
To a lesser extent, it can affect sleep and caffeine, but there is not much of it in the product (and we usually eat not enough chocolate for the dose to affect).

11 foods that can cause insomnia


- although relaxing, it does not promote deep sleep, which means you will not be so fresh in the morning. And if you go too many, you will have to train with a hangover in the morning - not the best option.


- All food with a lot of saturated fat negatively affects the night's sleep. Including steaks, which are high in fat. And they are digested long and hard. Digestive problems can pick up in the middle of the night. Therefore, in the evening, it is recommended to lean on vegetables, lean protein foods, fish.

11 foods that can cause insomnia

Sweet sparkling water

- there is not much in it at all good (and a lot of sweet), and not just for athletes. Regular consumption of soda, which contains a lot of sugar and, as a rule, caffeine (it is not only added to cola), is associated with a lower duration of sleep. Replacement - cherry juice.

Chips and salsa

- spicy food before bed is not recommended.


- glass of water before bedtime - this is good, but trying to get drunk in advance with several glasses can already lead to night trips to the toilet. It is better to distribute fluid intake more evenly throughout the day, and in the evening to pamper yourself with kiwi, which contains a lot of fluid and serotonin, which improves the quality of sleep, is available. Well, in the morning - grab some water for your morning run, if necessary.

11 foods that can cause insomnia

Ice cream

- sugar and saturated fat again. For meThis is offered with frozen banana combined with fruit and / or some kind of nut butter. Or some other savory natural alternative.

11 foods that can cause insomnia

Thai sauce

Surprisingly: Thai sriracha sauce (hot sauce). This product was unambiguously chosen for its sharpness. So other spicy dishes and dressing before bed are not recommended.

If you cannot refuse these products, then there are only two options: look for an alternative or keep looking at the ceiling all night long. Of course, it is better to stick to the first: you will not stay hungry, and the body will thank you. Well, cherry juice, kiwi and pumpkin seeds are recommended for a good sleep.

11 Best Food for a Better Sleep

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