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# 10yearchallenge. How have famous athletes changed?

For those who missed everything: the Instagram marathon that swept the whole world involves the publication of collages from pictures taken 10 years apart. It has already been joined by several million users around the world. Popular athletes were not afraid to look the past in the face or make fun of themselves.
Daniel Jacobs is not shy about showing off the changes. The boxer has clearly matured.

Briton Johnny Nelson has become more serious too.

Fernando Vargas swung straight at # 21yearschallendge.

The Formula 1 pilots have changed too.

Changes Anthony Yigit is simply amazing in appearance.

Dana White didn't go without jokes and clearly decided to hype.

Our athletes are not far behind. For example, Elena Vesnina .

Rubin almost no change.

The challenge was not without Ronaldinho and Neymar .

Although Cristiano Ronaldo himself did not take part in the challenge, he still did not remain without attention. Everyone appreciated the joke about his fans.

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