100-pound Zebe Voicu lost weight by half, but this only upset her

Is it possible to lose twice as much in less than a year, see a new body and at one point fall into depression with the words: I liked myself more plump? Such a story did not happen in the cinema, but in life with the hairdresser from London Zebe Voicu. She decided on gastric banding. Why, after a few months, the woman was horrified when she saw her reflection in the mirror?

Consolation in food

Zebe Voicu is a native of the Romanian city of Constanta. She has six sisters and three brothers. At the age of 21, the girl got married, and after a short time she and her husband moved to London, where she got a job as a hairdresser.

The girl's most cherished dream was the birth of a child. But she could not get pregnant. At first, this circumstance did not cause any questions for the couple. If it didn't work now, it will work later.

But later it didn't work either. Zebe gradually turned into a full woman, from hired workers she herself became the owner of a beauty salon. By the age of 34, with an increase of 1.52 m, she weighed 96.5 kg! Zeba constantly needed snacks, she could not stop and did not really want to.

Later, the woman recalled that food became a kind of consolation for her, allowing her to escape from the main problem for a while.

100-pound Zebe Voicu lost weight by half, but this only upset her

With condensed milk and no training. How did Polezhaikin of Daddy's daughters lose weight?

Actor Mikhail Kazakov told how he lost 37 kilograms without straining.

Medical sentence

As a result, At the next consultation, Zeba and Adam were told that physiologically there are no obstacles to their ability to conceive a child. Except for one thing - a woman does not follow her diet at all, abuses fatty and fried foods, and a huge portion of chicken nuggets at night is not the best option.
But how to stop eating in such an amount if it has become a habit? Nutritionists advised the way out - gastric banding. Simply put, a decrease in stomach volume. As a result, the feeling of fullness sets in much faster, the person begins to eat less.

Zebe performed the operation at home, as in London it is too expensive a pleasure. And in Romania, she had to spend about six thousand euros to reduce her stomach volume by three quarters at once!
External changes did not come immediately. But every month the woman began to lose six kilograms until her weight stopped at 49 kg.

Worst of all, Zebe was never able to get pregnant, despite her completely changed diet and lifestyle. The doctors' words that there are no obstacles to conceiving a child have remained just words.

This is what drove Zebe Voiku to depression. She could not see herself in the mirror, because along with the extra poundsMmami, the usually good mood, the desire to talk and the hope that the woman will be able to become a mother are gone.

I did not become a mother, but I began to like myself

Zebe Voiku underwent an operation to reduce stomach volume in January 2017. A year later, she got used to her new look, but nothing more.

18 For months, the London hairdresser visited a therapist weekly to bring herself into a state of inner harmony. She succeeded. I began to like the reflection in the mirror, classes in the fitness room, drawing and healthy eating have become firmly established in life. Boiled eggs, stews, vegetables and fruits took the place of nuggets, french fries and pies.

In general, it took a woman more than two years to forget about her former appearance and become a different person. For this, great sacrifices had to be made.

By the way, Zebe Voicu's favorite sportswoman is tennis player Simona Halep, who was also born in Constanta. To reach the top in tennis, Halep underwent breast reduction surgery. The sacrifice was not in vain: Simone reached the top of the rating, won Roland Garros and Wimbledon and for many years has remained one of the most stable tennis players in the world.

And the story of Zebe Voiku is the story of a real overcoming. Although the main result has not yet been achieved, Zebe has won herself.

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