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100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

We are used to thinking that losing weight is possible only with the help of a diet that allows only healthy foods. Anthony Howard-Crowe , a fitness blogger based in Colorado, has proven otherwise. He conducted an experiment during which he ate only ice cream and drank alcohol. The result of the diet is obvious: the man lost 14.5 kilograms in 100 days. The main message of the American was that you can lose weight with any diet if you want. The main thing is to spend more calories than you consume. Here's how Anthony's theory has led to excellent performance, but not entirely successful results in practice.

Is it possible to lose weight by eating ice cream and fast food?

Howard-Crow's first weight loss experience became a diet, during which he received 50% of the daily calorie intake for a month from ice cream. Due to work, the blogger was unable to complete the experiment. However, in a short period of time, he still managed to achieve some results. Anthony dropped one kilogram a week and, while exercising, reached a prominent abs.

Later, the man tried a different diet: for a month he ate only fast food. With such a diet, the American was also able to lose one kilogram per week, but that was not enough.

100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

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100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

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100 days on ice cream with cookies and chocolate

In 2017 year Howard-Crowe launched on his YouTube channel Abs & Ice Cream a new experiment, even more extreme. For 100 days, the American was going to eat ice cream with cookies and chocolate sauce, and wash it all down with alcohol. In the video, he sought to prove that weight loss depends only on energy intake. According to Anthony, it doesn't matter at all if you eat boiled chicken breast with rice or one junk food. As long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

Throughout the three months Anthony has been closely monitoring his calorie intake.
As a result of the experiment, he not only lost 14.5 kilograms, but also improved his health. For example, the blood glucose level of a fitness blogger dropped despite the huge amount of sugar he consumed every day. However, the diet also had negative consequences. Howard-Crowe quickly got tired, was in a bad mood, and even gave up training.and.

100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

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Why include alcohol in the diet?

Probably just to challenge public opinion. There is a myth that a person cannot lose weight by drinking alcohol. That is why Howard-Crowe decided to diversify the diet with alcoholic beverages. Thus, the American fitness blogger destroyed the stereotype and proved the opposite from personal experience.

The most gruesome food experiment

Anthony confessed that his experiment was the worst dietary adventure ever. Although the blogger got rid of those extra pounds, his emotional state became unstable.

In addition, the American noted that regular exercise, as well as the presence of proteins in the diet, helped him not to lose muscle mass.

Anthony Howard-Crowe is not the first to prove by his example that the number of calories eaten is more important than where they come from. For example, a professor from Iowa John Sisn managed to lose almost 17 kilograms in 90 days, eating food from McDonald's.

We do not recommend that you try such diets on yourself, because fatty foods in any case negatively affect the body. It is important to maintain a balance in everything and take care of health first.

100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

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100-day cheat meal. Is it possible to lose weight on ice cream and alcohol

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