10 years in business. Sonya Fedorova: from the first snowboard to the Olympics

This year, from March 29 to April 7, at the Rosa Khutor resort in Sochi, one of the largest snowboard festivals Quiksilver New Star Camp will celebrate its 10th anniversary. In his honor, the Championship launches a series of materials for 10 years in business. Each material is a story of the formation of a pro rider, a memory of how it was then and what to do to make snowboarding even more popular and in demand today.

The heroine of today's history is the young hope of Russia in the disciplines, slopestyle and big air , rider of the Roxy team Sonya Fedorova .

Pro rider profile

Age: 20 years old.
Gurney experience: 6 years.
From: Moscow
Favorite skiing spots: Rosa Khutor, Russia; Laax, Switzerland.
Favorite trick: Cab Underflip
Rider that inspires: Anna Gasser
Instagram account: https: // www.instagram.com/sonia_fedorova/

First time on the board: how was it?

The story is quite simple, as a child I went skiing with my dad, and once he decided to start snowboarding. He bought himself a snowboard, which I then safely took away from him.

How was it before?

To be honest, I haven't skated for 10 years, my memory from that time is a park in Snezhkome, a big get-together in Kant and train travel to Tyagachev. There was also a party car, if anyone remembers.

Where can you take a snowboard?

Wherever I started, one passport had already run out due to the number of visas. I've been wherever possible, mainly because of the World Cups. I liked New Zealand very much and, of course, many memories from the Olympics in Korea.

The scariest moment

It's scary to look at the fall of others, and especially your friends. I was scared for my boyfriend (now my husband) when, during a training session in Italy, he lost control in the air and landed from a huge springboard right on his head! At that moment I was filming and when he fell and did not even move, I fell into a stupor. This is not forgotten.

Coolest achievement

Winning the overall World Cup in 2018.

On how to develop snowboarding in Russia

I would build more snowboard parks in Russia, I think this is the main problem now, why snowboarding is not as popular as it used to be.

Dream gurney

I really want to go to Kamchatka! I think if you look at the photos and videos from there, it becomes clear why it is there.

Just one tip

Remember that in addition to skiing in the mountains, there is also a warm-up and training on a trampoline, they will help to pump the techniqueku. And don't forget the helmet and try to bend your knees more when you ride.

What can be better than mountains?

Only mountains can be better ... spring in the mountains.

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