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10 universal rules and life hacks for car photography

Last weekend we attended the Boardspeakers lecture in Krasnoyarsk, which became part of the Extreme Weekend global contest with Toyota. The lecture was devoted to the basics of action photography. Throughout the evening, photography gurus shared their life hacks, and anyone in the audience could ask questions and see exclusive works from the portfolio of speakers - professional photographers Rustem Tagirov and Kirill Umrikhin.

10 universal rules and life hacks for car photography

Photo: Toyota Weekend

In our selection we have collected 10 universal rules and life hacks for car shooting from the famous photographer Rustem Tagirov. They will be useful to you regardless of what exactly you are shooting: a commercial case for a well-known brand or content for an ad. The main thing is that there is a car in the frame.

Brief information about the photographer:
Rustem Tagirov
Age: 32
Main achievement: daughter
Camera: Fujifilm XT-2

10 Basic Rules of Automotive Photography:

Rule # 1 - Shoot a Lot

Rustem Tagirov: One of the most important rules for beginners. Shoot as many frames as possible. And if you want to develop in this direction, then shoot everything that is around as often as possible. Later, you will scroll through your shots for the last year, for the year before last and you will understand why it was needed.

Rule # 2 - think about the details
If you shoot a car, it must be clean. This is important because no one wants to look at a dirty wheelbarrow, which means you will have to take a very long time to clean up the dirt in retouching. Take some time to prepare, if something can be decided in advance, do it!

Rule # 3 - choose an angle
When photographing a car, always remember that you will have to retouch. If it is possible to sit down and exclude from the frame, for example, an ugly tree, then do it.

10 universal rules and life hacks for car photography

Photo: Toyota Weekend

Rule # 4 - get a permit to work at locations
In order not to waste precious time on disassembly while at the location, send your requests for filming in advance. In many cases, it is enough to write an e-mail to get permission.

Rule # 5 - Adjust the light
Natural light is most often used in dynamics. I recommend using additional light mainly for static.

Rule # 6 - charge the battery
A charged camera or smartphone should always be ready. If you want quality, then this is definitely a camera.

Rule # 5 - be the best
Constantly learn, follow other photographers on the web. I focus on the Germans, I constantly look at their cases on Behance.

Rule # 8 - choose a camera model that suits your requirements
Modern mirrorless cameras are very good, they definitely do not yieldfor professional DSLR cameras.

Rule # 9 - grab a tripod
A tripod will give you time to think, return to the location, choose the most suitable angle of view.

Rule # 10 - Dress for the Weather
Clothes for the weather are very important. I had experience when I was shooting in Krasnoyarsk at minus 40, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. If you are dressed for the weather, then nothing will distract you from the main thing - from the filming process. '

10 universal rules and life hacks for car photography

Photo: Toyota Weekend

Life hack: how to shoot in motion?

Photos in motion I usually shoot car by car. It looks like this: we are driving in a parallel car, and I shoot from the trunk or from the glass. Rules are rules, so I always wear my seat belt when I'm in the trunk. When it comes to stabilization, a lot depends on the suspension and on the quality of the asphalt. The main thing is to shoot at the shutter speed at which you are driving. If you drive 50 km / h, then you shoot at 1/50. This works great if we are talking about photography, for video this advice is ineffective, because the car looks rather static.

You still have the opportunity to catch the same angle and ask all your questions to Rustem Tagirov personally. Join the grand final of the Toyota weekend at the Quiksilver New Star Camp in Sochi. It is there that the jibbing finalists, the best athletes and real fans of extreme sports will gather and burn in full. You can check the detailed contest schedule here.

10 universal rules and life hacks for car photography

10 days on the move: Quiksilver New Star Camp schedule

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