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10 thoughts from snowboarding legend Torah Bright

We all ask ourselves from time to time whether there is a secret to the successful and interesting life of famous people, what it is and where to look for it. Especially for the Championship, the snowboarding guru and pro-rider of the Roxy team Thora Bright shared some rules that she tries to adhere to in everyday life.

10 thoughts from snowboarding legend Torah Bright

Torah Bright at New Star Camp 2017

Photo: Kirill Umrikhin / Quiksilver Press Service

1. I treat everything with humor.

I love the movie about Mary Poppins and the phrase from her song: Every work should have an element of fun. If you find it, then any difficult work will be a pleasure. This song influenced me a lot. I try to treat life the same way. If there is a continuous routine around and you don’t want to do something, then you can approach any situation with humor and translate everything into a game. It's great when you can change your attitude to emerging difficulties in such a simple way.

2. I believe in myself.

I believe that belief in yourself plays a big role in the life of every person. At certain stages, I really missed her, and then the support of close people helped me to overcome obstacles. The main thing is to believe in yourself and not deviate from the path!

3. I work hard.

Perseverance and hard work are essential ingredients for success. I started snowboarding at the age of 11 and since then have worked hard, participated in many competitions and only over time sponsors and organizers began to notice me. Today, it seems to me, young athletes want to quickly get a sponsor, while spending not enough time and energy to work on themselves. I think you need to do a good job first, and then everything will come.

4. I find a balance.

When I prepare for a competition, I just enjoy the process. But before the main start, I always try to be focused. Unlike many riders, I do not listen to music while riding in order to be aware of what is happening around me, to be in the moment. I need to pull myself together, exhale and smile.

5. I don’t bother.

I don’t really believe in omens and generally try to stay away from superstitions. But like everyone else, I have some weirdness. For example, I often wear the same socks to competitions that I trained in the day before, especially if the training went well. All people have their own strange habits, so I don't see anything special in this.

6. I abstract.

This year, for the first time in 15 years of my career, I had a real snowboarding vacation! At first, my friends and I were vacationing at a ski resort in Canada, it was very fun: no filming and training, just me and my loved ones. And after that I visited the Quiksilver New Star Camp in Sochi, where I was able to ride and hang out for my pleasure. Before that, some kind of counter always worked in my head - I constantly thoughtabout preparing for the season, taught tricks, worked on something. On the one hand, snowboarding is fun, on the other, I always think of it as a job. Sometimes you need to be able to abstract from your usual life perceptions and just have fun.

10 thoughts from snowboarding legend Torah Bright

Torah Bright

Photo: Kirill Umrikhin / Quiksilver press service

7. Looking for inspiration around.

I really enjoy creating my line of clothing and boards for Roxy. After all, in this way I can not only create functional snowboarding and everyday clothes, but also bring my vision of a feminine sports image to life. Of course, I follow the trends and works of designers, choose fabric, try to take into account fashion trends when creating my collection. But inspiration often comes from what surrounds me - while skiing, walking in different cities, shopping. When I travel, I often take pictures of my favorite showcases, details, colors or some interesting patterns.

8. I live by my own rules.

I am completely independent of external factors and standard social habits. I don't smoke or drink alcohol - I don't need this to have a good time. The absence of these habits in my life does not prevent me from having fun and going to parties. I don't drink tea and coffee since childhood. Of course I tried, but I didn't like it. From food I prefer natural products, I try to avoid starchy foods. I like to sleep longer (10-12 hours) and drink a lot of water. I really love soda, so my life is the same - seething and eventful.

9. I strive for new heights.

My goal now is a real serious freeride. In addition to the competitive part of my career, I would like to direct my main focus to skiing in big mountains, descending steep slopes and rocks, shooting beautiful profiles somewhere in Alaska and returning to Rosa Khutor when fresh snow and real winter powder appear. And, of course, I plan to take part in the next Olympic Games.

10. I dream

I never stop dreaming. I dream of riding more in huge mountains. I dream of surfing on big waves, I dream of riding a board inside a wave, like in a tube. Like everyone else, of course, I dream of a family and children in the future.

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Torah Bright Roxy Snowboard Turns

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