10 spectacular splits from professional gymnasts. Choosing the most impressive stretch

Gymnasts love to show off their stretching, it would seem, in the most unusual places. In the twine, they can be found by the sea, in the mountains and even on the subway. We have selected 10 impressive videos and suggest choosing the most effective splits.

1. How to prevent people from sitting next to you on the subway

Russian and Azerbaijani gymnasts are famous on the web for her flexible rollers, in which she shows how stretching can be useful in everyday life. And you can't argue with her. For example, in this way you can protect yourself in the metro, viruses will definitely not be scary.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

2. Home workout of Alexandra Soldatova

Self-isolation is not a reason to stop training. Alexandra Soldatova decided so, so she continued her studies at home. And the girl shares her most beautiful part with subscribers - a luxurious twine.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

3. Spectacular splits against the sunset

Daria Denisova - a 17-year-old girl from Minsk - became famous for her bright acrobatics. She posts her tricks and exercises on TikTok. By the way, after graduating from school, the girl decided to graduate with great sports, but nevertheless she continues to work as a stretching trainer and demonstrate flexibility, for example, against the backdrop of mountains.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

4. A new way to travel by metro from Ulyana Donskova

Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Ulyana Donskova also travels by public transport and does everything to make the trip calm and invisible. For example, you can while away the time by reading books, and hold onto the handrail with your foot. The main thing is to hold on tight, so that it was not so easy to carry you away.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

5. Yana Kudryavtseva's spa stretch

Of course, the sky-colored leotard of gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva makes this twine even more attractive. The girl believes that it is not worth forgetting about her shape even on vacation abroad, so she trains stretching right outside the hotel in Dubai.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

6. How to close the trunk if your hands are busy

Daria Spiridonova knows the answer to this question for sure. If your hands are occupied by two furry friends, use great flexibility.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

7. Dmitrieva's twine in quarantine

Gymnast Daria Dmitrieva does not forget about safetyeven in conditions of total self-isolation. Therefore, paired training takes place in medical masks. However, this does not even spoil the view, but only adds zest to the topic of the day.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

8. Sunny warm-up by the lake

How do I know the time in sunny weather? Join Ulyana Donskova's warm-up. The gymnast's legs, although they resemble the hands of a dial, are unlikely to tell the exact time, but a measured workout will help to forget about it for a while.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

9. How to close a kitchen cabinet with your foot

Another impressive twine by Soldatova. The girl easily managed to close the kitchen cabinet over her head without using her hands. Quarantined and you can imagine something else.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

10. Twine under the wing of an airplane

A visual aid on what to do if you are late for your flight. Train and shoot beautiful videos with an airplane flying away from you. By the way, it seems that Samira Mustafayeva almost managed to grab hold of him.

You can watch the video at the Championship.

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