10 reasons you SHOULD start playing badminton

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

Badminton is not only a professional sport, but also just a game that many have loved since childhood. It does not require expensive equipment, special premises and even strict rules - you can just throw the shuttlecock at home or on the street. Moreover, such physical activity will be equivalent to a full-fledged workout. Here's how badminton affects our body.

Muscle tone will increase

One of the important advantages of badminton is that it tones up the muscles.
Stretching, running, active arm movements, and static positions while playing strengthen the glutes, calves, and hamstrings. This type of activity helps to strengthen the muscles, but not increase them in size.

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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Flexibility will develop

During the game, you have to reach a lot for the shuttle that flies along all kinds of trajectories, but not always straight to you. Hand swings, body bends, lunges and many other movements help to stretch the muscles.

Players in professional sports cannot do without a mandatory warm-up. You can also do a small set of exercises to improve the quality of your game and warm up your muscles to avoid possible injury.

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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Muscle endurance and strength will appear

20 minutes after the start, you may feel very tired: unlike tennis balls, shuttlecocks do not bounce, so you have to jump with a certain interval. Such periodic intense movements turn badminton into a HIIT workout.

Your reaction speed will improve

Winning or losing in badminton depends on how well and quickly you are able to perceive the opponent's actions. The main thing is to determine exactly where the shuttlecock is flying and reflect it in time. To do this, during the game, you not only improve coordination of movements, but also develop attention and reaction speed.

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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Losing weight

Like any physical activity, badminton helps you stay in shape.
The British Foundation for the Fight against Cardiovascular Disease ranks this sport as a good set of moderate-intensity exercise that will help keep you active - at least 150 minutes per week. This indicator was determined by the WHO.

And if you actively move during the game, then in an hour you can burn 300-450 calories.
This number varies depending on your weight. Here you can personally calculate how many calories you will burn.

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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Heart health

Badminton is good for raising good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering bad. The latter reduces the size of blood vessels, which can lead to heart disease. That is why lowering this rate helps maintain heart health.

The British Heart Foundation points out that playing badminton regularly can help strengthen the heart muscle and reduce the risk of blood vessel blockages, preventing coronary artery disease [ischemic heart disease].

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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The risk of diabetes will be reduced

According to a 2005 Swedish study, active people are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes by 30-50%.

An experiment assessed the effect of structured diet and exercise on Swedish men aged 46 to 49 years, who had prerequisites for the development of diabetes. For five years, men had to do 45-60 minutes of workouts twice a week (including badminton, jogging and soccer). As a result, the majority (54%) had normal blood glucose levels.

Bones will be stronger

The sooner you start playing badminton, the better. A three-year study by the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University in Sweden found that this sport leads to increased bone mass in adolescent athletes. Consequently, badminton potentially reduces subsequent loss and prevents the development of various diseases. In any case, moderate play will help develop joint mobility and strengthen them.

10 reasons why you should start playing badminton

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Longer lifespan

Several organizations confirm that moderate badminton can increase lifespan. And a recent international study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that racquet practitioners tend to live longer than runners.

Mental health regains

As an active sport badminton has a beneficial effect on our mental health. According to a 2011 UK government report, daily exercise can reduce the risk of depression or dementia by 20-30%. In this case, badminton can be played alone, perceiving it as training for the brain. In addition, this way you can throw out emotions and give an outlet to the accumulated energy.

But in the classical sense, this is a pair game, during which healthy competition arises. This type of social engagement leads to a reduction in stress and loneliness.

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