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10 questions to trainers about barre fitness and answers to them

We have already talked about the magical properties of intense barre workouts more than once. But if there are still questions, Yulia Mityaeva , a certified barre coach and head coach of the Barre One studio, is ready to answer them.

How did the barre direction appear? Why did it take over Russia so rapidly?

Barre was created, of course, by a ballerina. German dancer Lotte Berk was forced to leave the stage after a serious injury and invented fitness, which helped her keep fit and maintain chiseled body contours even without daily ballet training. Over time, the method absorbed the principles of Pilates and yoga, became more versatile and accessible. The success of the method in its effectiveness and aesthetics. This is the ideal fitness for women - whatever you do is beautiful.

What is the barre method based on?

The method is based on a combination of ballet and strength exercises and a competent combination of types of muscle loading. It is the clever combination of sport and ballet that makes the dancers' muscles so prominent. The combination of different amplitudes of movement and long-term holding of a certain posture is the secret of success and an unusual load for the body, so barre will surprise even sports gourmets.

10 questions to trainers about barre fitness and answers to them


Are all barre workouts the same?

The method includes over 140 specially designed exercises that are combined in a special way. This allows you to make each workout different from the others. Therefore, training will never get bored.

In the classroom, we use 1-2 kg dumbbells, balls and elastic bands, and most importantly - a machine. This adds even more variety.

How many calories can you burn in a single workout on average?

Cardio is driven by full-range movement and a high paced workout, so you burn about 400 calories in 55 minutes , we measured it.

How often do you need to do barre in order to achieve a result?

The effect is cumulative, so regular training is important. Even once a week is enough to feel how your body will change - your posture will straighten, you will feel a surge of energy and strength. If you practice more often, for example 3-4 times a week, your body will become toned, your tummy will disappear, a beautiful waist will form, your legs will become prominent, and your muscles will become elongated, like dancers have. This is the beauty of the barre method - the figure is feminine, but not pumped. You will also notice how you always want to pull a sock, even in any incomprehensible situation.

10 questions to trainers about barre fitness and answers to them


How does barre differ from body ballet?

The body ballet method does not exist - it is a collective name for training at a ballet barre, which each trainer-dancer adjusts for himself. Therefore, in the body ballet there is usually no clear structure of training - it all depends on the coach, his “vision” and knowledge. Often the lesson is less intense and more like learning ho.rheographic elements and ligaments.

The main difference of the barre method is a guarantee of high-quality workout of all muscle groups in one session thanks to a clear patented training structure and the use of specific exercises and types of load.

Who can be on barre ?

Anyone can. No special training is needed for training, a competent coach will select the load for everyone, suggest a modification (simplification) or replace the exercise.

And contraindications?

Hunger. I do not recommend intensive training on an empty stomach, the body needs strength.

With regard to health, only your doctor can decide. What he should know to make a decision:

* Intensive training with cardio regimen - take into account in diseases of the vegetative-vascular system.

* in barre there are no jumps and heavy weights, we work with our own weight and light dumbbells of 1-2 kg - the load on the joints is minimal.

* The choreography is adapted to avoid damaging the joints at a high pace of training.

Before the lesson, be sure to warn the trainer about contraindications or your feelings specifically today. For example, weakness or back pain. It will adjust the load.

10 questions to trainers about barre fitness and answers to them


What to combine and combine with barre workouts to be as effective as possible?

The barre method is ideal for stretching, dancing and yoga. Intensive barre workouts perfectly train endurance, balance and grace, stretching allows you to consolidate the result and make the relief more precise, yoga will improve balance and harmony, and during dancing you will feel how your body is ready for the most unusual movements and ligaments.

What kind of clothing do you need for training?

Any sportswear will work for barre. A nice bonus - no sneakers are needed, socks or gym shoes will do. It turns out that everything that is needed for classes fits into a handbag.

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