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10 food misconceptions that will get in the way of your perfect body

How often are we mistaken when talking about proper nutrition? Alas, there are plenty of illusions about what to eat, how much and when, which not only will not help your body get better, but on the contrary will harm your figure and health in addition. In order to highlight the most common mistakes, we turned to our expert - a general practitioner, TV presenter Alexey Bezymyanny .

Mistake # 1. You need to eat three times a day

The most common mistake that comes from our childhood is that you need to eat three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is far from the case. If a person wants not only to maintain his weight and keep himself in shape, but also to lose it or gain it, then uniform meals are needed so that the interval between them is about 2-3 hours. Thus, the body gets used to the fact that it receives food regularly.

Important. However, you should not overeat every time you eat like this. Portions should be small.

10 food misconceptions that will get in the way of your perfect body


Mistake # 2. To lose weight, you need not to eat

Many people think that fasting can reduce weight. But, contrary to expectations, this method can only give a boomerang effect: a person begins to gain compensatory subcutaneous fatty tissue. The body contributes to its accumulation, as it does not know when the next meal will be. As a result, instead of losing weight, we get weight gain and unpleasant subcutaneous fat.

Mistake number 3. Losing weight quickly and getting rid of fat is good

Dramatic weight loss is strongly discouraged. By sharp, you mean losing more than a kilogram per week. This dramatic loss of fat is harmful to the body. In addition, the misconception that fat is worth getting rid of is worth dropping. It is in adipose tissue that fat-soluble vitamins accumulate, and hormone levels are maintained. Accordingly, if we don't have fat at all, then our health in general and the hormonal background can be crippled. For men, fat is testosterone, for women - estrogen.

Mistake # 4. I don’t eat after six

People often read articles and say: I don’t eat after six in the evening. However, this is wrong. The last meal, despite the fact that it is not heavy, should be one and a half to two hours before bedtime. For example, cottage cheese with a 5% fat content may not be heavy. Many people like to add sour cream or jam to it - this is also not recommended, just cottage cheese!

Mistake # 5. Breakfast is optional

A common mistake is that people simply do not eat breakfast. Despite this, it must be said that breakfast is a very important meal, because during sleep we also expend energy, calories, and this is the longest time when we do not eat. After sleep, of course, you need to eat, this is a kind of energy boost at the beginning of the day. But you need to eat slow carbohydrates: they provide energy. Fast carbohydrates (sugar, jam, coffee with sweettyami) also give energy, but within half an hour it will be used up and you will feel sluggish again. Slow carbohydrates, on the other hand, are gradually released into the bloodstream and provide energy for a long time.

10 food misconceptions that will get in the way of your perfect body


Mistake # 6. Carbohydrates are bad

Probably, most often you can hear the expression Carbohydrates should be gradually eliminated. To dispel this myth, let's say that you cannot completely exclude them from the diet. Carbohydrates are fast energy that any person needs. Such energy is especially needed for those who are actively involved in sports. It is simply irreplaceable for athletes.

Mistake # 7. To lose weight, you need to give up proteins

It is not enough to say that giving up protein foods will not play into your hands - it will completely ruin your health and appearance. If a person does not eat protein, then this is immediately visible. He, naturally, begins to lose weight, but the skin at the same time does not have time to tighten. Collagen is not enough, and it is just contained in protein. In general, if the body is not given protein, then the skin will become flabby. Also, if you do not eat protein, it will affect the hair and nails. In addition, the eyes will become sunken, forming dark circles underneath them.

Protein Allowance: 0.8 to 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. But some athletes eat even 3 grams, and bodybuilders can eat 5-7 grams.

It is often not only your doctor, but also your personal trainer, who can tell about mistakes in nutrition and suggest how to avoid them. In order to find out about the main mistakes that beginners make in the gym, we turned to Vladimir, Bardin, the elite trainer of the Vlasov World Class network .

Mistake # 8. You can come to workout hungry or have just eaten

There are times when people come to workout either hungry or immediately after eating. However, in the first case, the risk of fainting increases significantly due to a drop in blood glucose levels, and in the second case, it is simply uncomfortable to train and there is a risk of nausea. In both cases, it is better to warn the trainer: he will change the training program, excluding some exercises, or reduce the intensity of the exercises.

Mistake # 9. Making the perfect abs is possible only with the help of exercises

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a person, having a great desire to get the perfect abs, increases the sets in exercises. But at the same time, he eats in the evenings a large amount of complex carbohydrates and drinks them with sweet drinks (juices, soda). In this case, the muscle will indeed grow, but what good is it if the subcutaneous fat remains? Yes, carbohydrates are necessary for the body, but if your goal is to lose weight or build abs, then you need to know when to stop and definitely cut back on the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the afternoon. Moreover, you need to exercise with your pulse under control.

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Error # 10. No need to eat after exercise

So in most cases people are mistaken who want to lose weight by all means. It is worth knowing that if you do not eat after an intense workout, then your body will look like, figuratively speaking, melted ice cream.

If your goal is to lose weight, then the meal should take place an hour or a maximum of one and a half after classes in the hall. For those looking to build muscle mass, it is recommended to have a snack immediately after training. Quite often, athletes drink protein shakes immediately after training, which you can easily take with you, and after a while they arrange a full meal.

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