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10 films in which famous athletes played

For world-renowned athletes, the sports field is not the only opportunity to be realized and at the same time receive a fee. The directors have repeatedly invited football players, basketball players and even boxers to take part in the filming of films. For representatives of the film industry, this is a good chance to raise the rating of a film, and for champions - to try themselves in a new field. Let's be honest, sometimes the collaborations turned out to be quite impressive. We have selected for you ten art pictures from 1978 to 2017, in which famous athletes played.

Game of Death, 1978

Genre: Action.
Cast: Karim Abdul-Jabbar.

The American basketball player managed to be remembered by the world for at least two reasons. Abdul-Jabbar is still the leader in the number of points scored in the regular season in the history of the NBA. In addition, the athlete managed to meet in a five-minute fight with martial arts master Bruce Lee. They did it in the Game of Death, a film dedicated to the struggle of a hero named Billy Law with a crime syndicate in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the film was Lee's last. The actor died before filming was over.

By the way, despite the fact that the first part of the fight was led by Karim, Bruce still overpowered him with a choke hold.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from Game of Death

Did you call the genie ?, 1996

Genre: Comedy.
Cast: Shaquille O'Neill.

Most often, athletes get cameo roles or cameos, but not this time. Shaquille O'Neill played one of the main characters - the genie Kazaam. He came to the aid of Max, who was being bullied at school, and asked him to make three wishes. According to those who liked the film, this is a kind, instructive comedy with a lot of humor. And the basketball player was perfect for the role of a fairy-tale character, because this was the kind of friend the boy needed.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie Genie called?

Space jam, 1996

Genre: cartoon, fantasy.
Cast: Michael Jordan.

It seems that the end of the 20th century was a time when it was common for NBA stars to conquer the cinema. But Michael Jordan still distinguished himself and starred ... in the cartoon. According to its plot, evil monsters invaded our planet and threatened earthly animals, led by the rabbit Bugs Bunny. But he found a way out and offered his opponents to play basketball on a bet, inviting the eminent Jordan to his side.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the film Space Jam

Other players in the league can be seen in fantasy: Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Mugsy Bogs, Larry Johnson, Sean Bradley and Larry Bird.

10 films in which famous athletes played

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10 films in which famous athletes played

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15 minutes of fame, 2001

Genre: action movie.
Cast: Oleg Taktarov.

The world champion in martial arts has appeared on Hollywood filming more than once. In the film, 15 Minutes of Fame with Robert De Niro, Taktarov played an emigrant who came to New York with a friend, stole a video camera and began filming criminal adventures. In addition to this picture, Oleg starred in the President's Airplane, Predators, Shelesta, the TV series Spy and Manchurian Hunt.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Shot from film 15 minutes of fame

Asterix at the Olympic Games, 2008

Genre: Fantasy, comedy.
В starring: Michael Schumacher and Zinedine Zidane.

In this comedy, we can see as many as two sports stars: Formula 1 pilot Schumacher and French footballer Zidane. And, in fact, you will not immediately guess that they are on the screen. Michael played the chariot driver of Shumiks and, naturally, finished first in the race. The character was dressed in red - the color of the Ferrari team, for which the driver played.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie Asterix at the Olympic Games

If Schumacher appeared in a symbolic image, then Ziza in the film and in truth cannot be recognized. Long black hair, bold eyeliner and gold jewelry made the Egyptian Zinedinis comic. But the ball, of course, remained with him!

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie Asterix at the Olympic Games

Other athletes flashed in Asterix at the Olympic Games: basketball player Tony Parker, wrestler Nathan Jones and tennis player Amelie Mauresmo.

Hangover in Vegas, 2009

Genre: Comedy.
Cast: Mike Tyson.

In the popular American comedy, the boxer played the role of himself. The directors didn't even lie about the tigers. Tyson, indeed, kept three Bengal predators for some time, although now he recalls buying them without much pleasure. According to the plot of the picture, fate brought together the guys who were very drunk at the bachelor party and Mike, when they absurdly stole one of the animals from the athlete.

The boxer himself, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, said with annoyance that most modern children only know him by role in the Bachelor Party.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie The Bachelor Party in Vegas

10 films in which famous athletes played

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10 films in which famous athletes played

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In Search of Eric, 2009

Genre: Drama, Fantasy.
Cast: Eric Cantona.

The former striker of Manchester United and the French national team often appears on the set. True, the films with his participation turn out to be not so rated. Finding Eric is a story about two heroes with the same name. Only one works as a postman for Manchester United, and the other has already earned fame as a player. Cantona is an unhappy man in his dreams and gives him a chance to get out of depression.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie Finding Eric

Knockout, 2012

Genre: Action.
Cast: Gina Carano.

This is far from the only work of a female MMA fighter in the cinema. Viewers know her well from Deadpool, the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and the new series The Mandalorian. But it was Steven Soderbergh who decided to give Carano the main role in his project Knockout. The girl played a secret intelligence agent, for which a real hunt began after a failure on a mission.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie Knockout

Three Xs: World Domination, 2017

Genre: Action.
Cast: Neymar.

In the last released part of the film Three X's, the Brazilian appeared for only a couple of minutes. He dined with Samuel Jackson's hero at a Chinese diner and managed to demonstrate his football skills in an unexpected situation. When a robber with a weapon ran into the cafe, Neymar was not taken aback and knocked him out with a blow from the air. Only instead of a ball there was a napkin holder.

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from XXX: World Domination

Sword of King Arthur, 2017

Genre: Drama, Fantasy.
Cast: David Beckham.

For this role in the film Guy Ritchie Beckham managed to become the object of ridicule. It seemed to the viewers that the appearance of a football player in the guise of the Knight Trigger, serving King Vortigern, was too short, daring and worthy of an Oscar. By the way, David worked with the British director before the movie The Sword of King Arthur. The athlete played a cameo in Agents A. N.K.L ..

10 films in which famous athletes played

Photo: Still from the movie The Sword of King Arthur

10 films in which famous athletes played

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10 films in which famous athletes played

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