10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

Our colleagues from Posters turned to Lokomotiv midfielder Anton Miranchuk with an unusual request. They did not ask the railroad worker when his club would issue a title in the Russian championship, or whether the Russian national team would be able to leave the group at least at the world championship. No - colleagues asked Anton to name 10 of his favorite films. Below is a selection from Miranchuk and a short description of each of the paintings.

The Great Equalizer (Antoine Fuqua)

10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

A retired CIA agent works as a salesman and reads books, licking the wounds of the past. However, he decides to come out of the shadows in order to save a young prostitute who is brutally raped by the Russian mafia led by the oligarch Pushkin. The Training Day director recruited his beloved Denzil Washington for the title role, despite the fact that the character was white and gray in the original series.

Gangster (Ridley Scott)

10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

A crime drama about a Negro mafia (Denzel Washington) and an honest policeman (Russell Crowe). Epic scope, unthinkable heroes, fantastically rich texture at the turn of the 60s and 70s. Ridley Scott was clearly going to shoot Black Scarface, but something didn't work out. The aftertaste of the Gangster remains some kind of vegetarian.

Gladiator (Ridley Scott)

10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

The aging emperor Marcus Aurelius decides to make his loyal commander General Maximus, who won a grandiose victory in the battle against the Germanic tribes, as his heir. The emperor's son Commodus kills his father and orders to deal with Maximus and his family. Miraculously escaping death, the former general becomes a gladiator slave named the Spaniard. Having won well-deserved fame in fierce battles, he and a group of gladiators arrive in Rome.

Wrath (Tony Scott)

10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

Depressing, morose and extremely beautiful action movie. Former crime killer Creasy (Washington) joins a wealthy Mexican family to guard a blonde girl (Fanning) who is soon kidnapped for ransom. Creasy begins to take revenge.

Two Barrels (Baltasar Kormakur)

10 favorite films of Anton Miranchuk

New English-language film of the Icelander Balthazar Cormakura, based on a comic about two agents of different special services (Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg), embedded in gangster circles, but unaware of each other's real professions. As the film progresses, it gradually becomes clear that the fight against the mafia is in fact an undercover war of various government structures. In an amicable way, a stupid and funny attempt to revive the tradition of Bad Boys and another movie about two friends with guns.


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