10 facts about Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme that are hard to believe

Have you ever wondered how far Moscow is from Vladivostok? It takes 9 hours to fly by plane, 6 days by train, 115 hours by car, if you go without stopping or sleeping. How long does it take to cycle 9,103 km? The cyclists figured it out for the fourth time in the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme (RBTSE).

15 stages - 25 days - 8 time zones - 5 climatic zones
6 riders - 22 cars - 78 people, creating RBTSE

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a bicycle race in which athletes cover the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok (9103 km) at speed. The distance is divided into 15 stages, limited by time limits. Within the time limit set for the passage of the stage, the rider can go at any speed, stop to eat and sleep, but if he exceeds the limit of hours and minutes, he will be disqualified from the stage. After three disqualifications, the cyclist stops participating in the race.

This year German Pierre Bischoff, Dane Mikael Knudsen, Brazilian Marcelo Florentino Soares, Russian Vladimir Gusev, Spaniard Patricio Douce and Indian Amit Samart fought for the victory. The first two have already participated in the race last year, and Soares rode RBTSE for the third time!

Starts day and night, fighting wind, showers and sun, fighting with ourselves and the opponent - we watched all of this throughout 3.5 weeks. And now the winner was determined - Pierre Bischoff drove 9 103 km in 315 hours 45 minutes 26 seconds. But what do these numbers say? Is it a lot or a little? We have already talked about how to compare ordinary life with hours spent in the saddle of a bicycle.

10 facts about Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme that are hard to believe

Compare the incomparable. 10 facts from the world of the road ultramarphone

3 hours to sleep, 24 days to the cherished finish and 9221 km on the way. Infographics about Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme.

And to understand the athletes who heroically passed the test of Russia, and to feel the atmosphere of the race, check out the cards about the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2018 race.

It's fascinating to watch such a massive competition. Every time, seeing the faces of athletes at the finish, you puzzle over what kind of dough these people are made of, that, having driven more than 1000 km, they continue to smile and joke. And even if in front of the camera they seem to be quite ordinary people, as they were before the start in Moscow, at the end of the race on the Russky Island in Vladivostok, changes were visible in everyone's eyes: the five finishers did not just roll all these thousands of kilometers, they grew morally and tempered the character .

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Race 2017

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