22 Jump Street Parents Meet & Ice Cube

10 awkward streetball questions and answers

In July, Rostov-on-Don hosted the national stage of the 3-by-3 world streetball tournament Red Bull Reign. In it, teams from 10 cities fought for the right to represent the country at the final in Toronto on August 31.

The victory among men was won by a team from Sochi. The best basketball players were girls from the Moscow team “Matryoshka”, who won the final against Kazan “Tattelecom” - 9: 8.

We asked the girls 10 stupid questions about their favorite sport.

1.05 - about why it is not easy to be a girl in basketball.

1.11 - how do streetball players feel about hip-hop?

1.48 - about little guys on the court.

02.01 - about relationships with guys.

02.09 - about female idols in streetball.

02.30 - how to play to make your parents like it?

03.10 - plans for the final in Toronto.

THIS IS AWKWARD. // Rachel DeMita

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