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10 awkward questions and answers about children's sections

Sending a child to the sports section is not an easy task. We have already figured out how to correctly choose a sport for a child, now we will analyze the popular questions that torment many parents.

Is it possible to combine different sports? And is it necessary?

You can combine. Another thing is who needs it more: you or the child? You should not burden the baby to such an extent that he does not have a single day off. You can try two sports for one to two weeks. If it turns out and the child himself likes this mode, then combine it as long as possible.

What if I'm afraid of leaving my child alone in training?

In this case, you either need to cope with their fears and loosen their grip, or not at all give their child to the sports sections. Excessive custody will not lead to anything good. On the contrary, it will deprive the child of independence from a very early age. Moreover, if you do not trust the coach, then there is no need to talk about success here at all. The coach must be a mentor, and between him and you, the parents, there must be complete trust in each other. You can come to the first lesson and watch the training process. And then decide whether the baby stays here or not. And don't forget to ask him about it himself! It often happens that for some reason the parents do not like the coach, but the child is delighted with him.

How to teach a child to be independent?

The first step to success is to gradually stop taking care of your child. Psychologists say that children need to be given freedom of choice so that they learn to be independent. The simplest example is to give the baby the opportunity to choose what to wear. For example, you select several clothing options in advance and leave the last word for the baby. So he will understand that his opinion is taken into account, and will not be afraid to express it again. And the same applies to independence in action. Believe me, your child will quickly learn how to change clothes when you stop doing everything for him.

Child no longer wants to study. To indulge or force him?

It is necessary to find out why this is happening. Most often, it takes a little time, and everything will settle down by itself. If, for example, the cause of the whims was the pain from stretching in rhythmic gymnastics classes, then you need to explain to your daughter that this will not always be the case, show her the performances of adult gymnasts so that the kid understands what all this is for. But if the situation does not improve over time, you should seriously think: why such training, from which only tears in your eyes?

WellShould you constantly ask your child to show what he has learned? Wouldn't this be over-control?

It is best if the child volunteers to show you what he has learned. This means that the baby is really interested in the activity. If this happens, do not forget to praise your child, periodically encourage him, and this must be done sincerely. You can also ask the kid to show something, but not in the form of a report (well, show what you were taught there). From such questions, the child will soon begin to withdraw into himself.

If you send your child to sports in at an early age, then there is no turning back?

It depends more on the child's wishes. If over time the kid gets so involved in classes that he quite consciously wants to become a professional athlete, then it will be difficult to prevent this. And why bother? If Didier Drogba listened to his father and quit football, he would not see a brilliant career and Champions League gold. It is clear that there is fear: what if it won't work? But here no one can guess, such is life.

The most important thing is to determine what do you expect from the sports section. If the goal is to win the Olympic Games, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to practice constantly and devote more time to sports than to everything else. If you send your son or daughter to the section just to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, then take care of your health - just do not enroll then in Olympic reserve schools.

Is it possible to exercise seriously and still study well?

Maybe. But it is necessary for the child to understand that learning is important. If he finds interest in studying, if he himself understands that it is extremely difficult to arrange his life without education, then he will find time for study. There are many examples of truly successful athletes who even managed to get a higher education. Take, for example, soccer player Juan Mato, who has a diploma in journalism, or Frank Lampard with A's in his diploma, including in Latin.

If you haven’t sent your child to the section until the age of seven, then you can no longer count on success in big sports?

It all depends on the type of sport. For example, a 10-year-old child who has never done this before is unlikely to be accepted into professional figure skating. But in many sections, children begin to be admitted only at the age of 8-12 years. Among them, for example, biathlon, basketball, volleyball, boxing, rowing. In any case, you can always do some kind of sport for yourself.

If the parents are wooden, is it worth focusing on the development of flexibility in training the child?

When it comes toabout serious sections, such as rhythmic gymnastics, you should definitely consult a coach. He will assess whether the child should start practicing. But there are stretching elements in many sports - in the same martial arts, flexibility is very important. Even if the baby is a little more difficult than the others, why not try to fix hereditary woodiness.

Do different types of martial arts cause aggression?

Martial arts have their own philosophy. They don't teach street fights or instill aggression here. On the contrary, if, say, you observe manifestations of aggression in your son, then it would be advisable to consider martial arts as an option.


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